Do the gym – must be January

Hi all, Here is my new blog! Looking forward to sharing and informing with my posts. Hope to get comments, “Likes” on Facebook and whatever.

The images here are from a recent shoot for Spare Time Clubs. They are billboards here in the Sacramento area on Highway 50 and 99 as well as I-80. They are up for the annual “I am going to get back to the gym and get in shape ”  yearly ritual. My part was to capture two couples, having fun, with all the things you can do at their clubs. We did the shoot at their club in El Dorado Hills using the gym as the background, which was not real pleasing, so the images were “cut out” from the background in Photoshop. This is done often in advertising as it creates a clean look and the image can be pasted on any background you want to use. Hope you get a chance to see them if you are in the Sacramento area.